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Poems from the Den 1: "Hey Bear"

Hey bear! Hey bear!
What you doing there bear?
Are you hiding, are you sleeping
In your cave over there?

Look, look!
A bear, a bear!
Your cave looks comfy in there, bear,
Snug and warm and safe from harm.

While the world sleeps,
You transform
And emerge again in Spring,

Wake up! Wake up!
Our world needs you now bear!
Can we climb into your bear cave?
All seems calm and peaceful down in there.

He’s awake! He’s awake!
Don’t be scared now bear!
We know you are an expert in rest and repair,
We need you more than ever, there is sadness everywhere.

Please! Please!
Help us dear bear!
Take us on a journey into your world.
We can climb trees, out in the open-air!

Eh Bear? What bear?
You need a quick nap first? Okay that’s fair,
But when can we meet and where?
Here at dawn? Thank you bear!

You can teach us how to be
More connected to the nature of our world,
How to take better care,
If we promise to use this time wisely, to prepare...

To transform.
So we can emerge again in Spring,
Just like you, bear


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